On February 25, 2012, 16 yogis (yoginis and yogis) all came together to learn how to strengthen their cores and their low backs.  Each session was two-and-a-half hours long.


Under the experienced tutelage of Nicole Kintz, such a sweetheart and dear, we practiced mula bandha and we practiced mula bandha and we practiced mula bandha until it just felt natural to have the naval velcro’d to our spines.  Our cores were solid by time to go to lunch.


Nicole instructs Kate on the over-flexible body.

Lunch you say.  Yep, and we were hungry.  The short walk to Wok & Hibachi was met by the welcoming smells and tastes of vegetarian and flexitarian fare.  Many of us took home left-overs as our well-worked cores did not require all the food served.  But, yum was it good!


In the afternoon, after some poses to facilitate digestion, we shifted gears only slightly as we translated that velcro’d core to correct alignment from head to toe.  The afternoon ended with some fully supported backbend poses and a well-                                                                                  deserved svasana.

Nicole helps Connie with a knee modification.


We embraced the day and stood taller from it.



Crystal Gray
Yoga for the Health of It






Nicole helps Kate with a knee modification.




Janice and Nicole discuss pose modifications                                         Nicole & Crystal













This is the morning “core” crew.












The afternoon “low back” crew.



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