Greetings All,

For all of you Gardeners out there!

Ever heard of the “side effects to yoga”? I guess that they are really known as the “benefits of yoga.” One benefit that I have experienced this Spring has been the stamina, the endurance, strength and flexibility that it has brought me as I have begun my Spring gardening. All of those lunges, squats, warrior poses and planks have really paid off.

If you are a gardener, consider yoga classes to get you prepped and sustained for the gardening and mowing season. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised! It makes life easier and more pleasant for you as you plant and care for those flowers, fruits and vegetables. You will also want to sustain all of that physical effort by continuing those yoga classes, whether in a studio or at home.

Details on classes can be found at

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Love and light,
Crystal Gray, ERYT500, YACEP

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