Greetings All,
More Bone Building Classes headed your way and with new content!
All of these classes are WRIST friendly. So, if you have severe arthritis, carpal tunnel or other wrist problems involving bent-wrist or weight bearing issues, you can enjoy and benefit from these classes.  We start to lose bone as early as our 30’s.
Three new six weeks series starting in June & July.  INVEST IN YOURSELF.
Tuesday, June 19th from 5:45 – 6:45 pm – runs through July 24th.
Wednesday, June 27th from 10 – 11 am – runs through August 8th.
Monday, July 2nd from 4:45 – 5:45 pm – runs through August 6th.
*No class Independence Day.
Track schedules for other classes at .

Same rules apply for the Osteoporosis (Bone Building) Classes as before…

1)$60/6-week-series or $12/drop-in
2)Purchase of a 6-week-series gets you 6 free Restorative classes on Monday evenings from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. To be used during the same 6 week period as your Osteo Series.
3)Purchase of a $12/drop-in gets you a half price Restorative class; hence, $5.00 rather than $10.00 and must be used the same week as the purchase of the Osteo Class.
4)If you miss any of the classes in your series, you will have the opportunity to make-up those classes in one of the other 2 6-week-series. It must be made-up by the end of the week that your series expires.
5)You do not have to start a 6-week-series at Class #1. For some folks, that is not possible, hence, you can purchase a 6-week-series that actually beings anywhere during a standard 6-week-series. Just understand that yes, you are getting your 6 classes with all of the benefits listed above, but your class will begin and end on a class topic that will not be what is considered the natural starting and ending points. And, for veteran yogis that should not be a problem; you know the basics.

Contact me with any questions and PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO A FRIEND.  URL…. for Bone Building….June 19, 2018

And, remember that before or after a class, you can get a facial, or get your hair done or have an aesthetics treatment or get eyelash extensions. Pilates and other yoga classes now available. Prestige Aesthetics & Penny Woods Skincare, 217 East Unaka, Johnson City, TN.  Book your appointment at .

Love and light,
Crystal Gray, ERYT500, YACEP

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