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There is a method called the Fishman Method developed by Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall that uses specific yoga poses to build bone.  The loss of bone leading to fracture is a disease called Osteoporosis. If you have osteoporosis, thinning bone, and you fall, you risk fracturing a bone.  In order of most prevalent to least prevalent in bone fractures for persons with osteoporosis, is the spine; then, the hips and then the wrists.

One in two women develop osteoporosis and one in five men develop it.

By taking the yoga poses that have the most impact on building bone while maintaining a safe approach with respect to the disease, a session of 6 classes has been developed to help persons interested in building bone.  You do not have to have osteoporosis or osteopenia to benefit.

While there is a definite beginning and end to the 6 week session, drop-ins are welcome.  And, if you signed-up for a 6 week session and have to miss a class; you can make-up that class in another session.  Just make sure to make-up the missed class during the 6 weeks that you missed it.

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