Osteo Posture picHave you seen the picture to the left before?  Maybe in your doctor’s office?  Did you wonder what it was?

And, more importantly, do you know someone with the posture that you see in that picture?  If you do, there is a strong likelihood that your friend or family member has osteoporosis.  Build your bones while you are young!

So, what is “osteoporosis”?


Osteoblasts cytes and clasts picOsteoporosis is a disease where bones become fragile and progress painlessly to the point where they fracture. * When we are young, the osteoblasts and osteocytes (stick-figures to the left) seen in the picture to the left are numerous and build our bones and they outnumber osteoclasts (stick-figures to the right) which serve as the body’s garbage service taking away damaged bone.  When we turn 40, that garbage service becomes boss and carries away twice as many bone cells as the osteoblasts and osteocytes are making.

With that natural bone-loss, you need to be pro-active to be able to continue your bone generation and to maintain your quality of life.  Since there is no pain with osteoporosis, it is advisable that you get a Dexa scan at age 50.  Dexa scan stands for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry.  Ask your doctor to get tested; he or she will know what a Dexa scan is.

The Dexa scan will measure your “bone density”.  Your numbers will tell you whether you have osteoporosis, osteopenia (the start of the decline of bone-loss) or neither.  Men and women both develop osteoporosis and osteopenia. 1 in 2 women develop it; and, 1 in 5 men develop it.

While prevention is always best, you can, however, rebuild your bone with or without drugs, i.e. yoga.  You can even do both simultaneously.  With yoga’s use of compression and tensile strength, you can rebuild bone at a faster rate than without it.

If you are interested in attending yoga classes for osteoporosis, please contact Crystal Gray via this link https://www.yogaforthehealthofit.com/contact-us/ .  Email and phone numbers are both available.

The more interest, the more classes!  And, the earlier you let me know what your preferences are (time and day of the week), the more likely you are to get what you need.

Find our current offerings at https://www.yogaforthehealthofit.com/yoga-for-osteoporosis/ .  And, I am serious that if the demand exists, more classes will be offered.

Love and light,
Crystal Gray, ERYT500, YACEP


*All osteoporosis information comes directly from Ellen Saltonstall’s and Dr. Loren Fishman’s “Yoga for Osteoporosis” certification program, 2016.