Marilyn – May 6, 2011

I started yoga with Crystal less than a year ago. I weighed 240 pounds and I couldn’t find my “muse”. I had such a hard time sticking to a fitness routine. I never would have believed YOGA could help me find both focus and solutions to my weight. At this time I’ve lost 45 pounds, which I credit to Crystal and her caring concern to teach YOGA to all folks. Even the ones like me, whose obesity made it hard to do some stretches. Never once did I feel overly conscious of being “too fat” for yoga with Crystal. I love her classes (I attend Franklin Fitness Center in Elizabethton) and I haven’t felt this well in YEARS. Not just because of my weight issues, but because I’ve learned I can be strong again. I’ve decided that being obese can be conquered with YOGA and the right mental attitude and that I CAN do these poses and stretches and come away feeling stronger and more confident in my body and mind.

For those of you who feel that you’re too old, too fat, too any other reason you feed yourself for not giving YOGA and Crystal an HONEST try and workout, your missing out on feeling like you’ve actually made a bad day WONDERFUL by relaxing and stretching your mind and body with YOGA.

Janet – March 21, 2011

Wow, great reviews and all of them true. I have been going to Chrystal over 3 years and personally know most of the people that have written reviews. I have seen many people come in with various problems and it has been a joy to see them improve with yoga. Aside from the yoga practice our group has a wonderful sense of community. You may come feeling like a stranger but you will leave as a friend. Chrystal likes to have fun in her classes and you will feel relaxed and comfortable but make no mistake, Chrystal will make sure you know your stuff and know it well. She is like a mother over her children. She wants you to grow but she wants you to be safe and learn well.

Cathy – March 20, 2011

I have been taking yoga classes with Crystal for almost a year. And it is amazing. She gives everyone totally individual attention, it almost makes you feel like you are the only person there. My problem area is my right shoulder and she has shown me specific exercises that will help me. I think, and I think most everyone if our class, that she is terrific. She truly cares about the individual and that we are doing our doing our poses correctly – I love her and the attention that she gives. Anyone who has her as an instructor is very lucky.

Char – March 16, 2011

I would recommend yoga to anyone who has trouble trying to sleep because of pain.

Crystal came to my house and showed me various ways to support my body in a reclining position to ease my joint pain.

She is very concerned that you get the results you’re looking for. And I did!

Leann – March 14, 2011

Crystal is a wonderful yoga instructor. I’ve had multiple surgeries that left me stiff and sore. Her classes made me stronger and more flexible than I ever thought was possible. I’m glad I found her.

Neil – March 12, 2011
Over a year ago I went to New Paradigns to start my yoga practice. I was greeted by Crystal, and immediately I felt at ease. Her understanding of yoga and the way she conveyed it was easy for me to grasp, since I have many learnig disabilities.

After a year, I went to another instructor to continue my practice. Two months later I went back to Crystal, and it was like going back home- a home where I felt respected and part of a loving community.

For anyone who is exploring yoga or even an advanced student, I challenge them to attend Crystal’s class. They will be so satisfied they will find a home too.

Bennette – March 11, 2011

Crystal is an outstanding yoga instructor who is most sensitive to her students’ needs. Her concern and kindness extend far beyond the classroom. For several years when I was dealing with severe pain issues Crystal came to my house with a special set of exercises for me to use at home. Following my hip surgery she phoned me at the hospital and at home.

Crystal’s extensive knowledge and continuing study of yoga, combined with the concern and care that she expresses for each of her students contribute to a special yoga experience.

Kate – March 6, 2011

I’ve practiced under Crystal’s tutelage 4 nearly a year now @ 3 times per week. I find her 2b exceptionally concientious about her yoga students’ needs & abilities. I know I have improved immensely in my strenghth & stamina. I also understand better how Iyengar Yoga is benefitting me 4 the long haul-flexibility, balance & coordination, posture- I’ll soon b 58, but I know I get around faster than the 20-50 year olds I work with-(no, I’m not getting paid 4 this testimonial, but I am passionate about the effects I ‘ve gotten from yoga with Crystal Gray- Kate

Kat – March 6, 2011

I am thrilled to be in Crystal’s yoga class. I’ve learned so much, have received GREAT benefit, and always feel comfortable I’m being instructed properly under a watchful eye.

Marianne – March 5, 2011

I have worked with Chrystal for more than a year and found her to be a skillful yoga teacher. She knows her subject and cares about the welfare of her students. Her instructions are clear and easily followed, and she keeps us moving and on task during class time. The class is conducted in a friendly, yet down-to-business atmosphere–well worth my time to find the time to attend her yoga class.

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  • Mindee:

    Ok — I just took my first 2 hour TWIST class with Crystal at her Johnson City location and WOW — it was great! I must say the yoga space at her Johnson City location is very very relaxing. Time flew. I am looking forward to the next 2 hour yoga class – HIPS — bring it on Crystal!!

  • I went to yoga with Crystal for the first time last Tuesday and am wondering WHY I haven’t gone sooner! For the FIRST time in almost three years, I went to bed without my back hurting! It was WONDERFUL! I felt energized, yet relaxed all day long. It was the best, most worthwhile hour I’ve spent in a long time. I’ll definitely be coming back! Thanks Crystal for such a wonderful class!

  • Molly:

    I just started taking classes with Crystal last month, and I must say, she is amazing! I have been a stay at home mom for the better part of 12 years, and I led a very sedentary lifestyle. I never thought that taking a yoga class could make me feel so ENERGIZED! I used to take a 2 hour nap everyday because I couldn’t sleep well. Since I started yoga with Crystal, I sleep all night, and I don’t need a nap anymore. I also have rheumatoid arthritis, and yoga helps a lot with the pain. I am able to be there for my children and my husband now, and I would recommend trying yoga for anyone looking to feel better in mind, body and spirit. Thanks Crystal!

  • Christy Rach:

    I’ve been taking yoga with Crystal for close to two years now. The benefits I’ve seen from yoga have been amazing! I began initially hoping to get some relief from back and hip pain that I’d experienced from giving birth. I had been in physical therapy from here to Nashville over a period of two years.

    What a difference yoga made! After *literally* my first class I could tell a difference, and within a matter of months, I began to see a major change. Now, the pain is all but gone! I am plus sized woman. When I first began, I didn’t know if yoga would be for me, but honestly, yoga is for EVERYONE! Crystal is very supportive and guides everyone through. The one thing that’s always stuck with me, she said “It’s about the journey.” It truly is. If there is something you have a hard time with, there are modified poses. Every person, every body can do yoga.

    It’s relaxing, and truly has improved my mental and physical well-being. I’m so thankful that I’ve found yoga!

  • Betsy:

    Crystal is a wonderful, professional instructor!

    Some of the benefits of yoga that I’ve experienced personally are: releasing of tension in all the joints and muscles, improved ability to recover balance if you stumble, slide, etc. and an improved mood/outlook after class.

    I cannot think of any negative aspects!

    I always look forward to yoga class!

  • Stephanie:

    I have Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD), have had anterior cervical discectomy and fusion and balance issues due to a non-functioning vestibular system. Due to this, some days may be accompanied by pain. Yoga has helped increase the range of motion in my neck. It has helped the balance issues. It has improved my posture and taught me how to relax, which both are essential in the healing process and achieving that “new health normal” in life.

  • Susan R.:

    I have taken Yoga for over 30 years now but consider myself a beginner. That’s the beauty of Yoga. Everyone gets out of it what they need. For me it’s the peacefulness, relaxation, the release of everyday stress, the reminding that’s it’s important to breathe, and the help with balance in body, mind and soul.
    Crystal is a wonderful instructor and helps her students to achieve all their goals in her Yoga classs. Looking so forward to learning all I can learn from such a devoted teacher.

  • Deborah:

    Yoga provides relaxation in a quiet atmosphere which allows me to ‘unwind’. As I complete the first set of seated movements which involve inhaling and exhaling to Crystal’s directions, I find myself relaxed, calmed and ready for a gift of refreshment for my body, mind and soul. Yoga is not a competition. Crystal meets each person where they are and gently moves them along their spectrum of possibilities. I appreciate that she modifies as necessary to allow everyone to participate to their fullest ability. Yoga is encouraging. This begins with the atttitude that Crystal offers and fosters in her classes. I have made new friends and feel completely comfortable in all the class settings. I really miss the benefits of the class and friendship exchanges when something interrupts my ability to attend. Yoga benefits the whole body. With Crystal’s diversity of topics, you will attend 13 sessions before repeating a session. This variety reinforces a total body experience. I am always challenged and attentive to the diverse sequences. An added bonus is that Crystal clearly articulates the specific reasons and benefits throughout her spoken guidance in class. She is open to questions and is always available before and after class for individualized assistance.

  • Holly:

    I must say I, my husband and my doctor can testify yoga helps my colitis and abdominal pain. I don’t know if it is the stretching or the relaxation but when I do not attend class my health pays the price! I am so glad I took the plunge and came to your class for it was the best thing I have done for my health! Thank you for being a great instructor and for being so caring.

  • Vicki:

    I had previously taken classes in Bristol and I’d been searching for a Yoga class in Johnson City for a while when a class miraculously appeared on my Facebook page. I was stressed to the max and was having issues with shoulder flexibility. How lucky was I to find a class with someone who wants her students to learn and grow. Crystal saved my life and I try to tell everyone about the benefits of Yoga and her classes.

  • Judy:

    My issue with props in the past has been a feeling of being locked into a pose without the possibility of being able to either go deeper into the pose or back off if I needed to do so. However, I found from the beginning that, in your class, I have not felt that. You have known how to make that chair work for me rather than making me adapt to the chair. So, I trust your judgment….

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