The advantages of yoga span far and wide.

Yoga class by Crystal GrayYoga is great for the body, mind and spirit. At Yoga for the Health of It, you have the advantage of enjoying the relaxation, stretching, strengthening, and spiritual aspects of yoga, along with other spa modalities, such as massage, and aesthetics.

With 15 years of yoga experience, students rave that Crystal Gray, the yoga  instructor, teaches each class with purpose, providing the student with mental, physical and spiritual benefits. Each yoga class has a focus with individual care provided for each student, modifications provided as required per student needs. All levels of experience are welcome. This week’s classes can be found here.

Yoga classes are offered multiple times per week in Johnson City and Elizabethton.

With hectic schedules we understand how valuable your time is, so we offer a variety of yoga classes. Classes can range from 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, even 2 hours workshops are available. Certified Yoga Instructor Crystal Gray currently has 8 yoga topics in rotation for her classes. You will not be bored as you start improving on your strength and flexibility.

Yoga classes for the health of itYoga Class Schedule and Prices

Yoga Class locations in Johnson City and Elizabethton